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  1. Lauri Kieksi Lauri Kieksi

    Calendar range picker for a client. The topmost control sets the date range for the larger calendar view below. Both views can be scrolled in real time by dragging around the view (can also click on any month in the mini calendar view to jump to it, or click on any month header in the main calendar view to just show that month).

    Sidenote: Finland's big on using week numbers (for reasons I don't entirely comprehend), hence the week numbering.

    View attachment for the whole calendar view. I'd love your feedback on this thing.

    over 2 years ago

  2. Matty Mariansky Matty Mariansky

    I've seen this mechanic in video editing software. Very good idea to use it with a calendar!
    I'm curious to know if it ever got implemented for real?

    9 months ago

  3. Lauri Kieksi Lauri Kieksi

    Yeah, we did end up using this for a campaign planner view we designed for the intranet of a major Finnish retail chain.

    9 months ago

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