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Mobile Exercise 001

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Mobile Exercise 001 slack email message chat iphone ios mobile exercise mobile

Mobile Exercises

I just want to stretch my mobile design chops and think outside the box, so I’m going to start posting a few of mobile exercises to Dribbble in hopes that I can:
work through a few ideas I have for apps, animations, etc.
practice solving an assortment of problems
train my Material Design skillz
have fun with new interaction concepts
expand on what I currently know and become a better mobile designer
explore UI elements like color, spacing, typography, etc.

Mobile Exercise 001

The Problem:
Slack has not helped my productivity at all. It’s only added a hodgepodge of missed channel messages and DMs to the list of tasks that I need to finish by the end of the day. While Slack is an amazing solution to some of the problems that arise from email, it hasn’t really replaced email for me, or anybody I know. What it has done is kept me trapped within it’s beautiful interface, trying to clear all of the channel messages that I don’t really care about.

The Solution:
Provide a chat-like experience through the SMTP email protocol.

A Few Benefits:
Quick and painless adoption: Download app. Enter email credentials. You’re in!
A chat-like experience: Each “email" feels quick and lightweight as any other chat message does, but comes with the weight of an email. This will help with keeping messages to a minimum, but still allow for quick and clear messaging.
All-inclusive: Those without the app will still receive emails like normal.
Evolution: The app isn’t trying to replace email, but evolving the current platform for a better experience.

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