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Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia album cover

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Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia album cover minimal album cover sacramento jazz

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Sometimes the best thing you can do as a designer is very little. Ironically, doing "very little" well often takes a bit more thought and work than it sounds like.
Minimalism isn't about not doing things. It's about doing very few strong things and making those things work on their own past the sum of their parts.
For this 12" vinyl album sleeve for Ross Hammond and Vinny Golia's upcoming jazz album, I was provided a photo for the front cover and had to find away to make it all fly from there. I tried several typefaces before arriving at a bold setting of classic Helvetica Neue at its Thin Weight. I supplemented it with Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed.
I needed the overall layout to be sharp, concise, and smartly coherent.
For the back cover I photoshopped a distant reverse angle of the image.

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