UX At Cvent Logo And Identity

Our Cvent UX team is growing pretty fast. Since I joined last year, I've seen great people come onboard. With that said, we all wanted to get some identity and character within the company. We're building something exciting and new, and for that we're giving our own team it's own face, character and pizzazz!
UX logos are quite hard to make unique. I've made a number of ideas and shapes. You can see them in attached samples. Playing with letters was important but we wanted to have a human factor or image in it. So the idea of head on the "X" has been done plenty of times, it's the most obvious. Instead, I gave it a different perspective, angle, creating more motion and making it more unique for our team. We pulled in corporate brand color into the name underneath, but gave a brand new warm, soft gradient to reflect our own team's character.
Some other options show what I had in mind for even a 'material-design' version, which I just had to make.

Posted on Jun 10, 2016
Vlad Gorshkov
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