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Brooke's Boutique

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Brooke's Boutique signage boutique handpainted 1shot signpainting shadow shade tuscan script lettering

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I created this sign for my wife to hang outside our house when she has shoppers coming to her in-home boutique. She's been running a LuLaRoe business from our home for the last two years or so, in addition to her full-time Director of Sales position at a startup here in Austin. If it weren't for her and her dedication and hard work outside the house, I would never have had the opportunity to dedicate the massive amount of time it took to develop my career and pursue life as an independent designer.

Five years later, her side business has picked up enough, and I've managed to establish myself enough to be able to return the favor a bit, and after next week, she's leaving her executive startup job, and we're becoming a fully self-employed house! It's a little scary, but a LOT exciting. :)

This is my first attempt at an actual hand-painted wood sign, employing some actual sign painter styles and techniques, rather than just recreating my lettering on a mural or something. I used 1 Shot lettering enamel on a laser-cut wood plaque I found at Michael's.

And yes, I did notice (only after posting this shot to Instagram) that I totally forgot the cast shadow on the 'e' in Boutique, lol. You'll notice in the attached process series, that I totally fixed it already. :)

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