Ann Arbor sketch result


6 Responses

  1. Blake McDivitt Blake McDivitt

    Turned out great! Solid ribbon. I like what you did with the color scheme. It looks ALOT better than the hand painted one.

    almost 4 years ago

  2. Steve Lowtwait Steve Lowtwait

    I like that the A's and N's are not repeated which means you took care to construct the type instead of using a fitting font. It has a warm personality. Good work.

    almost 4 years ago

  3. Able Parris Able Parris

    Have you tried tall, narrow l/c n's? It might help with the handmade feel you've got going on.

    almost 4 years ago

  4. Stephen Olmstead Stephen Olmstead

    I just really like the whole feel of this- fits the tagline perfectly...

    almost 4 years ago

  5. Sean Farrell Sean Farrell

    thanks, should be published soon

    almost 4 years ago

  6. Tyler Galpin Tyler Galpin

    This is great, Sean! Ribbon is perfectly detailed.

    almost 4 years ago

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