I designed a shirt that you should totally buy.

The other day I walked into a gym I'd never been before. The first game they had the weakest guy on their team defending me. I shook my head and laughed. Eventually the ball worked its way around to me as I was standing behind the three point line and in one fluid motion I simply catch and shoot... Nothing but net. I run down the court with three fingers high up in the air. The very next time down the court the ball comes to me and the defender is still several steps away. I catch the ball, look him in the eye, shake my head, and shoot another three... Nothing but net. Once again I'm running back down with three fingers high up in the air.

A few possessions later I'm dribbling the ball up the court and this time the defender comes further out on me. I hit him up with a crossover to the left but then quickly stop and hit him with the step back and then pull up... Nothing but net. Three fingers high up in the air again.

By the time they realized I could shoot it was too late, there was no stopping me. With every shot I made the hoop just opened up wider and wider. They tried to switch to a different defender, but to no avail.

As I left the gym that day I told them next time I'd just wear it on my chest that I'm deadly from behind the arch.

You should do the same!


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