Epic Monster Intro Animation

Hi mates!

Missed the monsters? They missed you too! Today meet three new freaky guys that want to make your life funnier and brighter. As you perhaps remember, character animation is my passion so I get deeper and deeper into practice in both my current projects on motion design for Tubik Studio and in design concepts like this intro animation. Hope these buddies will really liven up your day, press “L” to let them know about it! Monster illustration creditsare proudly given to Ildar Alexandrov.

If you want to feel the shot even a bit more epic, welcome to watch it compiled with music on YouTube.

Various design projects we accomplish in the studio prove broad and diverse potential of characters and mascots in UI design and branding. Take a look on Tubik Blog in which we post different articles about using illustration and animation to boost usability and present the products efficiently. Join in!

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Posted on May 26, 2016

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