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Daily UI #47

It's a Task-log app.

Imagine a team internal use log app on the day of the task, every morning, the boss had arranged everyone's work on the cloud, the team members to check it after the sync button to synchronize their work content today. Complete a horizontal row a list (simulated pen mark on the paper off work on behalf of), or when the work is done on the day of work, check it all done can clean off the task list for today.

假想了一个团队内部使用的当天工作任务日志的软件,每天早上来,老大就已经安排好了每个人的工作放在云端,团队成员们来了之后点一下同步按钮就可以同步到今天自己的工作内容,完成一项横划一个列表(模拟笔在纸上划掉工作代表完成),或者下班的时候做完了当天工作的话,点一下all done就可以清掉今天的任务列表。

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