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59 user flow storymap

Pencils, Paper & Post-its are the best tools to work through any type of customer experience, user journey or service design.

I'm working though a complex flow for a very broad and subjective problem. I need to first clearly define the problem and then determine what a feasible solution could be with help from my engineering team.

Right now I'm solo story mapping a possible user flow and sketching out some very early ideas for UI to help me gain a greater understanding of the complexity. This should hopefully give the team more context on the problem and what a minimal first approach could be.

I always need to be carful I don't influence the teams ideas and thinking by coming up with too much of a solution.

Keeping things low-fi is a good way to prompt discussion and clarify my own ideas without getting too attached to something which is essentially a throw away artefact.

*The only real deliverable is the working product!*

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