Think Craft Code - Logo V1

Tcc logo v1

Working on a fun new project with Matt Ward. Think Craft Code will be an online design mag focused on design theory, UI, UX and the like. We are super early in the logo/branding process, but Dribbble is built with the idea to showcase what you are working on, right? So we are going to try to show off our design process throughout.

I'm hoping this mark plays off easily as HTML syntax and a pencil. I'm digging this font as an interesting serif. The tagline is not close to final, it's more there to fill space at the moment, as we haven't settled on anything yet.

During this design process, Matt and I are playing a bit of 'layers tennis', so now the metaphorical ball lies in his court... Can't wait to see what he comes up with!

Any feedback at this point would be super valuable!

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