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JanLosert.com 2016 - Live!

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Ready, set, go... My Portfolio 2016 Update is done! I'm super stoked to show this to all of you. Obviously big thanks goes to my friend @Vlastimil Fišer who spend last 5 days working all nights to get this little thing of mine live.

And again :) sorry for missing 1st May and not iron my shirt properly.

Idea behind my new site is to tell more about who I am now. Give a little update to the face of my portfolio and get more light to my UI Kits.

My next tasks: Recreate my store/product pages for my UI Kits to Semplice. I'm going to write update to my Design Process article since a lot of things changed in past 2 years. And obviously Sketch version of Dashboard UI Kit is getting finally ready for release as well. Exciting times ahead.

Front-End - @Vlastimil Fišer
Animation - @Lukas Kus
Photos by - @Tomáš Janoušek
Design - @Jan Losert

URL - janlosert.com

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