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I stumbled upon this testimonial while researching this project and I think it sums up what the brand means to their customers pretty well:

"I am from a very small town on the south shore of Nova Scotia. I moved to Alberta in the summer of 2008. I have always been very proud of where I'm from and the sense of community and morals I had distilled in my head my entire life. ECL is more than a clothing brand. It unites people no matter where they are. I have had more people initiate a conversation with me due to my ECL sweater than I ever have happen to me before. Nova Scotia is home and I hope to ensure that the deals and lifestyle of the east coast remain as so for another XX number of years. Alex Mclean I don't know if you will ever read this, but Thank you. You have not only helped the maritime people of Nova Scotia be proud of where we are from but also drawn those of us who are not ‘home’ anymore closer together."

Project with the Revolve Team.

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