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My friend Brian, who happens to also be a pretty badass developer, suggested I try my hand at a screen for a fitness app.

A few of my non-designer friends and I have been having fun these past couple of days. I've been wanting to improve my ability to work well under pressure, ideate and iterate faster, and design for the sake of designing without getting hung up on research, the desire to test, and thorough UX exploration/application.

Not optimal for the real world in the majority of cases, I know, but it's important for me personally to break through a certain barrier I feel I possess as a young designer.

So how's it work? A couple of select friends give me a design challenge every morning and I set a timeframe that I feel like I wouldn't naturally be able to meet under normal circumstances. The goal is to think quickly, stall less, and simply get something on the artboard. When time runs out, that's it. I allow myself a few minutes to polish the design so it's at least presentable, but in terms of structure and flow, the design has to remain the way it is— flawed, imperfect, and not always entirely thought through.

So that's what you're seeing here.

Feel free to offer your critique and suggestions. I'm here to learn all that I can and am grateful for input and constructive advice. Though please also do kindly be aware of the context and restraints these designs were done under.

All that said, I kinda like to take photos of life and people, so if you like either you can follow my little journey on Instagram and I'll send you a happy cyber hug.

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