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Lightsaber Fun - HTC Vive

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Lightsaber Fun - HTC Vive light saber game star wars ux vive virtual reality vr

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This weekend, Austin McCasland and I created this lightsaber VR environment. In the beginning, a single red ball is flying around waiting for you to hit it with your lightsaber. Once the ball is hit, it duplicates, turns blue for a few seconds (this is a cooldown feature so that you don't create infinite balls!) and turns red again, ready to be hit. As the swarm grows, you can use your other hand (not shown) to use "force" pushes and control the swarm.

Check the attachments! This crap gif doesn't do it justice but believe me when I say it's incredibly fun to play! Perhaps I can get some video up soon.

This is just the beginning of a lot of VR design game and UX design to come! Stay tuned!

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