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JanLosert.com 2016 | WIP webdesign minimal index designer contact animation ui dashboard 404 loader portfolio

Update: Portfolio is Live! - janlosert.com

I’ve been super busy lately working on complete redesign of most of parts on Tapdaq Dashboard and creating Sketch version for Dashboard UI Kit. Which will be ready very soon!

But in meantime I started working on small personal update. New Portfolio will be live hopefully this Wednesday or Thursday! @Vlastimil Fišer is doing his best in his Sublime. I’m really excited for this. And yes… I know. Next time I’ll iron my shirt properly…

Photos by @Tomáš Janoušek


Learn More About my Design Process - https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources/26-steps-of-product-dashboard-design-c97af84c4146#.nfjs2vwdr

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