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Gold Book - The Honors Techcomer

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The Honors Techcomer is a distinctive book to recognize excellence and achievements of Techcomers, who have been working tirelessly to contribute to Techcombank success. Each winners will be selected annually and honoured on seperate pages. At the same time they are also presented a golden book-shaped statuette. The concept was inspired from Art Deco elegance decorative details in combination with Techcombank visual identities. Those elements have been thoroughly designed to be plated on the bronze surface by gold, silver and gemstone. During the process, the biggest challenge is to create a masterpiece which is sustainable and durable. In addition, the book structure must flexible enough to update the new members each year. Therefore, each page has been produced with an embossed frame in the middle to place the new winner's picture, which is then locked by two triangular piece of wood in the corners. The bottom of the page is a rectagular space for the golden winner's name. The handsketched font was designed to bring the modern feeling, yet still in a classic way. After the careful design process, the book has been handmaded with chosen materials, gold and ruby by the skillful craftsmen .At last, The final product has been deliverd, which is 48x60 cm in size, and 176.5 in weight. More than that, 2455.567875 gram Gold, 827.1075 Gram Silver and 10 rubies 5x5 mm were used to complete the elegance and luxury look.

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