The Logic Blur is sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain, but always super. Using the special philosophical powers of Seeing That and Seeing As, The Logic Blur routinely breaks down arguments using semantics, and he has proven—or disproven, depending on how you look at it—the existence of an otherworldly being that he calls Dan, the Creator of all that Dribbbles. His emblem leaves some people asking, "Is that guy wearing a duck on his chest?" While others still ask "Is that guy wearing a rabbit on his chest?" Obviously, the answer is "Yes."

His arch-nemesis is The Fervent Fundamentalist, with whom he battles constantly defending the world from The League of Extraordinary Ignorance, which The Fervent Fundamentalist leads with the seductive (but chaste) Naughty Nun.

Occasionally, though, The Logic Blur just likes to go start arguments on the internet by posting logical fallacies, mostly to keep Randall Munroe awake at night.

Posted on Jun 11, 2010

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