Hi friends!
I am happy to greet you all here. I have been a keen follower of Dribbble community for ages watching the game and now I would like to make the next step presenting my first shot. This is a design concept which is a sort of experiment with an interface of telephone directory in minimalistic style. Users are offered two options of scrolling direction as well as basic and advanced functionality of dealing with the contacts in the list. The animated version featuring interactions will be presented in the next shot. Your feedback is highly appreciated - start of the game is a bit frantic!
Working out design solutions here in Tubik Studio, we are focused on making products efficient, user-friendly and attractive. If you want to know more details about design proces in the studio and our ideas about general design issues, don’t miss the updates in Tubik Blog. Best wishes to you all!

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Posted on May 4, 2016

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