Free sushi icons

Hi guys,

Today’s shot has sushi theme again. This time I would like to share with you free sushi icons, that was created specially for Sushicon project.

You can find six sushi heroes at this shot. The first hero is The Master of All Sushi ☺️, without him there would be no sushi, he provides the rest of the crew with superior power. The next — sushi Superman, also called Sushiman, he fights for justice in sushi world keeping criminals in line 😎. The third is an ordinary Sushi that dwells the Sushiland. The fourth — the one who is capable to keep you and the rest of sushi world frightened at night — SushiMonster 😱. If there is the one who controls the fear, there should be an opposite power to keep the balance. And it’s love. The fifth heroes are SushiLovers 😍. And, of course, the leader of this crew is The King — the king of the Sushi Andals and the First Sushi 👑.

Hope you will like it 😃. Feel free to use this icons in your projects. To keep track on latest news of this project and more, you can at our Facebook page and Dribbble account.

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Posted on May 3, 2016

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