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Physem - Match screen

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Physem - Match screen ui ux

Physem is a social network designed to connect people on a number of different levels - not just for dating, but also for friendship, collaboration and even forming business relationships. We designed Physem with a couple of key goals in mind: keep the interface focussed on meeting and communicating with people, and keep it easy to navigate and use.

We employed a few different UX techniques in this screen. We've integrated the lower menu bar into the entire screen (rather than having a separate bar of buttons like most apps). This opens up the interface and makes it feel like you're working more on a canvas than on separate screens.

All major actions are highlighted in red on this screen - indicating clearly which buttons will perform actions as opposed to buttons which simply navigate the content.

We also integrated notifications into the canvas of the app, not obscuring content but forming an integral part of the entire experience.

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