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59 renew work pass

If you were to apply, renew or cancel your helper's work permit (working visa) in Singapore, this is roughly what you'd see.

This was the result of a 2 two year program and many... *MANY* iterations on paper, post-it notes, prototypes and code after a lot of research.

The Singapore Ministry Of ManPower and three consulting companies working together to change the way Singaporean people view their Government.

This was the first Agile software program the Government had run. There were many constraints (as with any Government project) and a team at any point in time of roughly 2-3 designers, 2-3 business analysts, 20 engineers, QA, program manager, project manager, copywriter and many different product owners and stakeholders from the client's side.

I was on this project for about 14 months and got an opportunity to work with some amazing talent.

This shot is of the helper profile (Dashboard). Is shows the visual style I developed over the course of my time on this project. The aim was to create a friendly feeling towards the government and portray a human, more helpful personality rather than the abrupt, robotic personality they were known for.

This was not a one person job. Huge credit to the other designers, BAs and engineers who offered input to this end result.

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