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CZPapercrafts: First Set of Wireframes

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CZPapercrafts: First Set of Wireframes phone tablet desktop mobile website web responsive flat templates wireframes ux ui

Hi all,
I wanted to share the first wireframes for czpapercrafts website. The site is being overhauled same as the business structure. The site originally was pay per download now its changing to subscription base. Furthermore, during my initial user research I discovered a high percentage of users download and print templates from their cell phone. So the new site needs to accommodate for those users as well as the desktop users. The current one was designed strictly for desktop. This one will be responsive. With that in mind, I started the wireframes mobile first to reduce clutter and speed up download time when it's viewed on a phone.
Thanks all,

P.S. Feedback is welcome and make sure to check out my attachment to view the full wireframes.

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