Phillip Le

Gung Fu Logo Concept

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Gung Fu Logo Concept martial arts gung fu concept wip graphic design monkey king icon logo

I've been working on a logo concept for my close-knit group of martial arts students and wanted to reflect a some attributes of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, through the circlet crown he wears.

Stylistically, I wanted to recreate the signature circle and upturned curling ends of the crown, while also visualizing a bit of the traditional Chinese Opera mask for Sun Wukong as well. That hybrid has led me to what you see above.

I picked Sun Wukong's crown as a representation our group due to the significance the crown bore to the Monkey King's own development. Despite his immense power and potential, it was through the discipline the crown forced upon him that allowed him to develop and channel humility, empathy, respect, and refinement; all things I wish to espouse with my teachings and the subsequent teachings my students will one day bestow to their own.

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