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Splitwise redesign (1/2)

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Splitwise redesign (1/2) material design card form payment splitwise

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A few weeks ago I took some 2 days to rethink the way Splitwise works on mobile, just for fun. I love Splitwise but I always thought it could be done a little differently.

Here are the three pillars of my design:

Main object: Groups
After asking friends and reading a bunch of reviews about the Splitwise, it seemed that, whether it’s for a short trip, a project or for a roommate situation, everybody uses Splitwise for specific events and with a specific set of people. The idea of groups seemed then really strong but I found the current application to be mixing a lot of other concepts as well.
I focused my design around groups. Everything has to happen in groups. Each group is represented by a card. You can swipe cards from left to right to browse from one group to the other. And the last group is an empty one ready to be filled in. That way the main “object” of the application is really clear. And if you want to use Splitwise to split some bills after dinner, you can quickly use the last card for that.

Main task: Adding bills
I also found that adding bills was the most important thing people want to do on the go. Wether you just filled up your gas tank on the way to a ski trip or just paid your roommates’ groceries, you might want to add the bills before you forget.
To address that each group card cover is a simple “add bill” form. This way it only takes a swipe or two and a few clicks to add a bill to the right group.

Main emotion: Fun
Finally I found that even though Splitwise is about finance, it doesn’t have to look so pragmatic. So I added a few touches to make it more fun and engaging! I tweaked the colors to make them a bit more lively and enabled people to add cover images to groups.

I would love to know what you think so please live a comment and hit L if you like the exploration!

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