Love for Africa - Revised

7 Responses

  1. Chris Pecora Chris Pecora

    Revised tshirt design. Removed the postmark, added some texture, and adjusted the scale of the elements. Feeling much better about it now.

    over 2 years ago

  2. Ryan Gurnett Ryan Gurnett

    I really liked the postmark, but I like this version better. Killer stuff, Chris.

    over 2 years ago

  3. Chris Pecora Chris Pecora

    Thanks Ryan

    over 2 years ago

  4. Aaron Miller Aaron Miller

    The texture really brings it to life. Great stuff Chris.

    over 2 years ago

  5. Chris Pecora Chris Pecora

    Thanks Aaron. It's amazing what a few specs can do!

    over 2 years ago

  6. Alex Penny Alex Penny

    good stuff!

    over 2 years ago

  7. Another approach at the Love for Africa tshirt graphic I'm working on.

    Any colours that you're feeling?

    over 2 years ago

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