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Health App for the Elderly

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Health App for the Elderly heart rate colorblindness elder health apple watch

Technology advances, but some things never change. We want to know our loved-ones are ok…anytime, anywhere. After an elder and their caregiver BOTH install “ElderCheck Now” on their mobile devices, they create an innovative electronic relationship that can relay more information than a phone call!

Records heart rate data, location and send status to the caregiver. It also has the accessibility option to change UI colors for colorblindness, which is an issue in more than 40% of elders. With aging parents, we can get more insight on their health better than ever.

A check-in request is initiated by the caregiver and delivered directly onto the elder’s mobile device. With the press of either a green or red button, the elder responds with their heart rate, * location, and a simple status update - “I’m OK” or “Call me!” Heart rate data and colorblindness aspects are all considered.

Use on Apple Watch or iPhone, schedule check-ins. De-identification, encryption, password/biometric protection, and assignment of unique identifiers were all used to ensure that only caregivers and their designated elders share information. HIPPA Compliant.

8 months in the making, Download:

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