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Ratioo: Signup page

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Ratioo: Signup page app osx signup page landing

This is the design of an upcoming app like I mentioned yesterday, I have rebuild/redesigned the signup page for Ratioo, an OS X tool which will help you quickly calculate the size in a certain aspect ratio. Check out the live version

Why I build this app:
As a designer I create a lot of visuals to boost up a page or UI. When I do this I mostly start by creating an artboard of the size this visual needs to get, however most of the times I do know what the maximum width would be of this visual but I have no clue what it's height would be. To determine this I prefer using a common aspect ratio ( 4:3, 16:9, 16:10). I really suck at quick math and there fore Ratioo will help me out!

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