Madhang : Community-based culinary information sharing


As a city with rapid economic growth, one common issue that is often experienced by people (including me :p) are looking for a place to eat that is appropriate for them. Because there are hundreds, even thousands of places to eat in Jogja with different variety of foods, different price, and different flavors, even for common eating places, like Angkringan, Burjo, and Penyetan.

Because of these problems, I think how if we make an application that people can share about eating places in Jogja.

So here it is,

Madhang, taken from Javanese language, means Eat, is a community-based culinary information sharing. With this app, everyone can share info about place to eat they recommend and make a review once they try it, people could give ratings and opinions about the place. They also could give other info's like the menu, the price, the service, even about seating type such as with seat or with lesehan (or both of them) :p

Hopefully, Madhang could be an application that contains a huge database of all the eating places in Jogja. So it could help people to look for food that suits them.

So when you feel hungry, all you need to do is open the app, and search for food that you want to eat, or just browse for popular and newest one from the people. No need again to debate with your friends (or with your lovers :p) for finding a place to eat.

Dont forget to madhang ya gan :v

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

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