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App Concept for Rent a Free Bike

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few weeks ago the Government of Yogyakarta launched Abu Bakar Ali Parking Spot. It used to hold thousands of vehicles that usually parks at Jl. Malioboro. Along with that, now we no longer allowed to park a vehicle alongside Jl Malioboro.

Read this :

But apparently Vehicles still allowed to pass as usual, only if they're not park there.

Then I'm wondering, why not make our beloved city (Yogyakarta) as a sterile place which mean no vehicles allowed to go there? At least in the Central of Jogja (Malioboro, Kraton, etc.). I think it's possible to build another Parking spots in some place outside the city. It can solve the crowded and traffic jam problem. Then people have to use TransJogja Bus, walking or cycling to explore the City. Perhaps the Government could provide a free bike rental?

Based on that idea then I made this mobile app concept to rent a bike. With this app people can find nearby free bike rental provider. To borrow a bike, People just needs to go to the nearest provider, then scan the bar code which is attached on the bike.
I've also included inspiration page contain beautiful places in Yogyakarta (in second tab), will post more pixels soon.


P.S : Sorry for my bad English

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