Code School is Hiring - Product Designer

Code School is Hiring - Product Designer

Well, it's that time again. We're looking to grow the ol' Code School team by adding a new Product Designer to the team.

Come work with me and the other fine folks I get to see regularly. Maybe we could even get coffee at the same time and talk about our weekends!

A few perks:
• Unlimited supply of air.
• A desk that has legs and can go up and down (wheee!)
• Milk.
• Multiple opportunities to stare deeply into my eyes for a straight 17 seconds (or until once of us blinks).
• Enough alcohol to fill a medium to large-sized bathtub.
• The opportunity to lose at Super Smash Bros, but be encouraged enough to keep at it.
• Pens. So many pens.
• Working with a team that is head-over-heels in love with the education space.
• Also, a whole bunch of other great things that are actually detailed in the listing.


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