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Two login screens for Gigato, one to collect a users phone number, and a second to collect their Email, Operator, Circle, and populate a Referral Code.

1. The users' phone number needed to be collected first and separately from the other profile information, so that a server call could be made to reference the phone number against a possible Referral Code tied to that number.
2. Providing ample space for variances in the vertical screen height of different devices.
3. Applying a fun design motif to a technical product (data credit)

This login flow needed to be separated into two separate screens to allow for a server-call to cross reference the users phone number. The Welcome screen (enter phone number) clearly and simply directs the user to the text entry field, with a clear call-to-action at the bottom to help them move forward in the process.
The Sign In screen is pre-populated with a Referral Code, based on the users phone number. Simple list view of Email, Operator, and Circle help the user quickly enter their profile information to Login and begin earning data.

What I Would Have Done Differently:
I am pretty happy with how this turned out, if anything I would have simplified the illustrations to lower the file size and allow for faster loading times.

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