Eason Chan—The Greatest Hits with New Songs

Eason Chan is one of the most prominent singer in the Cantopop industry and definitely one of my favorite.

Since I’ve never had a chance to play with Chinese type, I thought I could design a fictional album cover for Eason Chan to not just practice my Chinese type skills but to also experimenting with the art direction.

The design is divided into two portions. First is the new song part where I used a thin weighted Hei Ti(黑體) typeface and a smartphone to represent the new and upcoming. Second is the greatest hits part where I instead use a classic Song Ti(宋體) with some CD albums and an old DynaTAC to represent the past.

The colors also play a big role in establishing the ideas and emotions. The golden yellow used in the “Greatest Hits” area represents all the success and achievements the greatest hits have achieved. On the other hand, the light teal created contrast by giving the “New Song” area a calm, refreshing look, which represents the idea that life must go on in spite of all the success in the past.

Let me know what you think.🏀

Posted on Apr 14, 2016

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