In A Gallery Far Far Away

This year at Creative South I got to participate in a Star Wars themed fan art gallery show and it has been a blast, the entire conference has!

I put together a tribute to my favorite of all the Star Wars movies, showing all of the main characters and plenty of them cute little ewoks! This was printed 3/0 on French Gumdrop Green by the fine folks at Vahalla Studios.

Here's a closer look.

If you're at Creative South this year be sure to come check out the real thing (they're for sale at CS!) along with a ton of other cool stuff by:

@Justin Mezzell
@Meg Robichaud
@Ben Stafford
@Vic Bell
@Rogie King
@Noah Jacobus
@Greg Christman
@Logan Faerber
@Adam Grason
@Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn
@Nick Slater
@Brian Manley

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