Who else wants delicious sushi?

Hi guys,

This bright set of pixels on the screen is a preview of our new project, called Sushicon. The idea of this shot is to present the project and, of course, to intrigue you 😃. The entire project will be able for review shortly here, on beloved Dribbble.

A key element of the project is sushi. Where did the idea of this project come from? Initially, we had delicious sushi for dinner at the office, subsequently, Sushicon occurred from the immense ocean of talks and thoughts, and landed on the ground of reality in the first sketches. So, if you like projects, that are based on genuine essence and unbiased idea, you will like Sushicon.

Dribbble community is the first place in the whole Internet where people will see this project. So, you are the chosen ones whom we’ve trusted to hear feedback, questions and constructive critique. Thank you for your time 😃. To keep track on latest news of this project and more, you can at our Facebook page and Dribbble account.

Posted on Apr 6, 2016

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