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Today is a big day as it brings the release of a new product and I am happy to be a designer working on it. So, welcome SwiftyBeaver, the World’s First Logging Platform for Swift! With this shot I would like to present a landing page for the product which is going to make the process of development more efficient. The platform's creator Sebastian Kreutzberger, being an experienced developer himself and knowing all the pains and problems of the sphere, did a great job to analyze them and find practical solutions. On my side, I worked over the UI/UX design solutions to create the high level of efficiency by means of layout, colors and typography, clear transitions and graphic elements. This work has become a new precious experience for me as it was totally different from everything I have worked before. Happy release, SwiftyBeaver, wish you great luck and success!

Check the full SwiftyBeaver presentation on Behance!

If you want to get more information about the product right from the founder of the platform, check out his article on Medium.

This project as well as the other design tasks we do in Tubik Studio made the unforgettable way from user research and analysis to creating live problem-solving design. If you are interested in design issues, welcome to Tubik Blog where we regularly share our ideas, case studies and recommendations.

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