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Danger Will Robinson!

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Danger Will Robinson! Rainbow color palette ahead! I had to restrain myself from making rainbow arrows to point to those videos. YES I am in a mood today :P So this is for the homepage and the goal here is to sell the Datalogic Heron barcode scanner. It has some pretty cool customization features which mostly businesses with a nice branding aesthetic would care about. (I do for obvious reasons and if you are designing interiors you should probably bookmark this one for later use, we always ignore the point of sale.) Design tricks... contrast of the yellow and black of the "Sale" starburst and placement dead center to give it importance. Hoping the bright colorful images of scanners up at the top draws in the men who want a more interesting scanner. (this would be great at Game Stop btw). Another marketing trick is the price anchoring down at the bottom. The only other comparable scanner with these features that the company sells is the delightful DS4800 which happens to be over $30 more. This takes advantage of a bias towards perceiving a deal as a better deal when there is something that is priced higher with similar features. So maybe that isn't strictly a visual design aspect but it all comes into play when the goal is to sell.

Hope you've enjoyed yet another of my quick and dirty web content pieces.

Please follow my work. I post updates about twice a month. Subjects range between point of sale, animal supplements, dinosaurs, and fantasy art. Thanks!

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