Aperture Eyes

So I really liked what I was able to accomplish in my previous design, "Metal Eyes" - and after reading the comments posted on it in a few places, I thought that perhaps I should continue to explore these "cores" a bit more. This time though, I thought that I would add an aperture to the "Eye". I actually learned a lot about a few of the different kinds of apertures and iris mechanisms that exist while implementing my own, and you'll see two different kinds used in this design. A "swinging star" type in the sensors on the production line, and a "flexible blade" design in the analysis core that's inspecting the sensors on the conveyor belt. Yeah, I made those aperture type names up, but that's what they mean to me. It took a lot of work to get the design to this point, and the steps getting it here are really fun to watch, so if you're interested, you may like to take a look at the process development gallery that I posted for this design. Those steps also tell a bit of a story, so please check them out. :)

Previous design, "Metal Eyes":

Process Development Gallery:

Swinging Star Style Iris:

Flexible Blade Style Iris:

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