Daily UI #003 - Landing page

A new contribution for the Daily UI challenge – this time a "Landing page", and as a tribute to the Easter holiday this one comes as an Easter egg :-D

I really struggle to keep up the challenge. As I'm covered in work all day long – both doing design/UX and running an agency – it's really hard to get any spare time to do these side projects. I can't really do one of them each day, but I'm still determined to finish all 100 of them (somehow).

I was on long, boring ferry ride today and with no internet connection, so luckily I got some free time to focus on the Daily UI challenge. Though I felt stuck on task number 002 (Credit card checkout design). I looked on what I had designed so far, and I didn't feel any magic in it. My mind was blocked.

Then I read the email newsletter of @Tobias van Schneider ▲▲▲ (thanks Tobias for the inspiration), the issue about "How to procrastinate". And I realized I'm pretty much the same when it comes to my work – I procrastinate, and instead of forcing myself being stuck on task #002, banging my head against the wall, I let myself go and headed on to task #003 - the landing page.

This time I felt my creativity returning, my brain was popping new ideas again (maybe with the help of some coffee) and I also focused on a matter that I care about – eggs. I love eggs, and I love hens. When I was young my family had a farm where we, among other things, raised hens. Just for fun (and for the eggs). From all the time I spent with the hens, they became extremely domesticated and they did everything from sit in our knees to sneak inside the house.

From my childhood hens I've learned that hens are really smart animals, and not at all stupid as they usually are portrayed. And when being let to graze on fresh grass and walk freely, they produce soo good eggs – you can see it mainly from the dark yellow color of the yolk. That way, everytime nowadays that I have to eat eggs bought in a store – even tough they come from free range hens – I feel a bit sad seeing the yolk is so pale.


Please share your thoughts or feedback on this – all is welcome!

Edit: I want to give attribution to Wikipedia from where I've borrowed the facs & information texts about eggs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_(food)

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