Who's got my data? - story board

More from my work on Geckoboard's 'Who's got my data' project.

Last year I worked again with the very nice people at Geckoboard on a promotional spin-off site, aimed at showing how hard it can be to find the data you need in your working life.

At the beginning of the process the user is asked what type of data they are looking for. They are then taken through the 'office' becoming more frustrated as they go, not being able to get to the data they need. I illustrated a number of different rooms and characters that they would meet along the way.

You can see in the attachment the type of side-scrolling experience intended. Our blue haired heroin becomes extremely frustrated before she is rescued end the end by Geckoboard!

Posted on Mar 30, 2016
Oli Lisher
Branding, website design & illustration.

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