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FIX UI Project - Afterlogic webmail client

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FIX UI Project - Afterlogic webmail client user expirience ux webdesign design flat application webmail mail interface fixui ui

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Hello Dribbblers!

You are probably familiar with the Daily UI project which in my opinion has no big sense when you deisgn without purpose or business assumptions
. So when I had few free hours I thought - why not to fix any working UI which I use everyday?

In one one my side projects I need to use this webmail client -
. Which is some kind of cool but looks… Hmm… Pretty oldschool I quess ;) So my goal was to take Afterlogic Webmail and fix their UI without any major changes in the UX (so it could be implemented asap).

So that’s very my idea came from - not Daily UI but Fix UI. Take one ugly app which you use and make it pretty! Come on and play if you want.


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