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Organize your Feedly — Concept 2

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Over the past few weeks we have rethought the way you can clean up and reorganize your feedly. I worked with the feedly team to design two different concepts and would love to hear your feedback to help us build the best organized experience possible!

In a recent survey with 5,000 participants, many of you showed us that you like to reorganize your feedly for two main reasons:

Spring cleaning
Every once in a while you need to clean up your feedly to make sure you only follow the feeds that interest you. This involves removing inactive feeds (the ones that have not published in months), removing the feeds you don’t read anymore, and promoting articles to “must-read” publications, so you don’t miss a story.

There are other times when you feel like reorganizing parts or all of your feedly. Maybe you have new interests or you want to split a topic into a few more specific topics, such as splitting your Marketing Collection into SEO and Digital Marketing Collections. All of this involves renaming Collections, moving them around and moving feeds from one Collection to another.

After a few weeks of design work with these two use cases in mind, we came up with two design directions :

Prototype 1: Organize At a Glance

Prototype 2: Organize with Deep Site Information

We are looking forward to listening to your feedback!

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Thanks a lot to @Arthur Bodolec and the feedly team!

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