Second day of Daily UI. Today thanks to Rose’s help. I have been able to design an interface that I am really satisfied about. I can really feel my improvement in my user-centered thoughts. I designed this one to be able to offer an intuitive and direct representation of a credit card check-out page. It should be simple and should mimic real-life experience of people using different cards. I only put the most important information that people might need for using a credit card.
More specifically, as a user, I really would like to know
1) what bank my card is from,
2) whether it is a credit or debit card.
3) relevant card information (last 4 digits and exp date).
Besides that, really the main functions should just have edit and setting a card as default. I collapsed cards prior to the active card into title to achieve better visual consistency. Also, white dots to represent that they are different cards and users are able to scroll backwards to see the cards that are currently hidden.

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Posted on Mar 20, 2016

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