Hüseyin Yilmaz

Bringing thoughts on Paper

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Bringing thoughts on Paper paper ideas sketches sketch ai cardboard vr live virtual reality

It is exciting to following the whole issue of Virtual Reality.
Remarkably the speed of development we can watch.
As a father I’m proud to have the chance to be a very very very small part of people they can working on future-oriented technologies like VR.

Past months I started to following people who worked on VR, AI, AR and the whole related topics via twitter, blogs, talks and much more.

I want to take the chance to bring my thoughts on paper and talk about that with other people.

So with this sketch I want share an idea while it is possible to streaming Live-VR. Target groups for this are couples in long-distance relationship, family members they living in different places and much more.

NextVR working on this kind of ideas and projects.
Take a look at here:

Whenever I got time I’m doing experiments with C4D, Unity3D and other software and want share this with you.


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