Richard Burton

Counter Bar WIP

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This counter bar will sit at the bottom of the app and update as you narrow your search. We’re working on a custom transition between the totals. If the first search returns 124 results and the extra criteria brings that down to 103, we’ll update the last two numbers be leave the 1 in place. The transition will also slide the currency symbol to the right place and handle placement of commas. I think this ends up looking a lot smoother than switching the entire number or instantly updating it.

I’m learning a lot about animation on the Mac. The tool I’m using here is QuartzCode. It’s producing the animation code and then I’m linking it all up in the app. Given that it’s built by an indie developer, I’m incredibly impressed with the app. It’s helping me to turn an idea into code and it gives you a glimpse into how design tools might function in the future.

If you’d like to join the beta program for Balance, you can sign up through this Twitter Card.

[I’m 195/288 into my year of shots.]

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