Natural Search Prototype

One of the things we want to add to Balance is the ability to search through your transaction data using simple sentences. For example:

- How much did I spend on iTunes last year?
- Refunds last month
- All transactions between $10-$20 in the last two weeks

We want to parse these sentences and turn them into database queries. The team behind Fantastical have done an incredible job in this area. I’ve been spending a bunch of time thinking about how to show people what they can ask and what the computer thinks they’re asking for. I’m trying to make it clear how the computer interprets the sentence so the person feels more confident that what they’re writing will work.

This is just one of many quick top prototypes I’ve hacked together to play with this idea.

If you’d like to be on the beta for Balance, you can sign up through this Twitter Card.

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Posted on Mar 12, 2016
Richard Burton
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