Seth Akkerman

Absolute Horseradish Issue 1 - Flip Through

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Absolute Horseradish Issue 1 - Flip Through flip-through horse lettering illustration publication hotdogs design zine

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This zine was made with love in Savannah, Georgia by a husband and wife team. It is 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall (half-letter size), printed using "Midnight Black" copy machine toner on "Pig Nose Pink" paper, bound together with the finest staples this side of the Mississippi.

It contains celestial correspondence, hand-drawn illustrations, and a full-page interactive horse composition that will have you dreaming of your first crush and your current flame. Plus, look how cute that cactus drawing is!

Other fun facts:
- First Edition
- 12 Pages
- Hand Signed and Editioned

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