Radio Iliria

Shot 1276042565

Ok i took 2 hours of my life working on this design, as you can notice it is a radio, maybe you will think an retro and old radio, but this radio has a great history on the Albanian culture, Albanian was in Communism for 50years until 1990 two years after i was born when the Communism Regime was broken down, the history of this radio is not with me but with my parents, having this radio was precious on that time, and you were not allowed to listen to foreigner music, my parents and many other teenager in that time were finding places to hide and listening to prohibited radio stations, where most of the times where Italians or Yugoslavians in that time! This is a revolutionary radio and when i searched google for radio iliria only a picture of me came out that i have with this radio and nothing else, and i said what the F**ck I decided to create smth unique and modern for this piece of ART hope you guys enjoy a bit of history! :)

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