Hello Martin!

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Hello Martin! moleskine desk welcome first day

Hello Martin!
Welcome to Fantasy, we are excited to have you onboard as our new Director of Interactive Design. Assuming you are now shoeless and have been warmly welcomed by your fellow colleagues we would like to introduce you to your first morning here. This is your desk, yes it's custom made for Fantasy employees. On it you have your new Apple secondary screen, a new mac book so you can move around, a Fantasy moleskine to arm you in any conversation and your on-boarding manual to guide you through today, and our systems and process at a glance.

Later on today once you get settled we prepared a video brief which introduces you to this awesome product we are working on which has a lot of interactive potential.

Expect to enjoy lunch with the team today and remember some new names and faces that are eager to meet you. Remember today is your first day and week. Everyone around you is ready to help you get comfy and set up for success.

Awesome that you are here and have a great first day!

From all of us at Fantasy.

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