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iLabs Web Concept 2

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iLabs Web Concept 2 vietnam clean homepage website triangle rebranding minimalist color flat simple

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Dello Dribbblers,

On this Web concept for Logo option 2. The header effect is only appear for the first come user. I have some questions wanting to hear your though:

- What’s your initial impression, unfiltered opinions?
- Thoughts on the interactivity? and what it conveys?
- What would you like to see happen when clicking on the objects / shapes?
- Would you touch or lick the design?

Please check out the Gray version and Color version

Also thanks to Phong Luong for helping my idea come true.

Dare you make it live Developer?

Designed with love. Interactive Labs, HCMC.

Thanks for watching my work and if you like it, please follow my Dribbble | Behance

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